Make sales on LinkedIn

with this simple and powerful Chrome Extension

Three simple steps for success


Send invites

Our statistics shows that about 30-40% is the average acceptance rate for the connection requests on the LinkedIn


Automatic messages

Out of 100 invites there is a legit chance to get 3-4 conversations following. Be nice and friendly, no one likes push-sales


Track perfomance

We show analytics of your campaigns to help you understand better the performance

Today there is nothing else such effective for online B2B sales as LinkedIn

  • Qualified Leads
    Our extension provides you with a tool where you can get qualified leads, convert them into customers, and turn them into repeat customers
  • Customers Targeting
    It allows you to target potential buyers of your products or services
  • Relationships
    It also helps you to build and maintain relationships with target clients
  • Value per effort
    With a tool like ours, you can get maximum business value out of the efforts you put in selling your products and services

You can start now and get the results tomorrow

The best practice is to build trusted relationships first and after convince the customer that your product or service is the best on the market.

Comparing to email marketing or even phone calls, LinkedIn is showing the results of a significant ROI. The effectiveness of Salesforce or HubSpot can be achieved with simpler tools just at your hands.

Automator Free



  • Automator for LinkedIn
  • Unlimited campaigns *
  • 10 profiles per campaign

Automator Pro


Per month

  • Automator for LinkedIn
  • Unlimited campaigns *
  • Unlimited profiles per campaign *
  • Support

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